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A diamond is unique as each of the diamond’s characteristics cannot be duplicated, and no two diamonds can ever be the same. Like a diamond, Le Lumiere is one of its kind and unique. Our experienced in-house craftsman cut Le Lumiere’s diamonds to go beyond the 4C- cut, clarity, colour, and carat because each diamond is unique. At Le Lumiere, we wish to celebrate the uniqueness of our precious moment with you in our 19th year of service in the jewelry industry by showcasing our collection of exclusive diamond jewelry for this special occasion.


Every gemstone has its own unique colour. It gets its unique colouring from the way it absorbs light and reflects it through the gem. This causes the gemstone to be priced for its innate beauty and rarity for the brilliance of its hue. The Royal Collection of Le Lumiere embeds a variety of coloured gemstones – sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, into their diamond jewelry. Explore the collection to find the perfect coloured gemstone jewelry for the lady of your life.


Some of the most famous people in the world, including royals throughout history, have long cherished sapphires for their amazing deep blue tint. But you don’t have to be of blue blood to wear this lovely blue stone; you too may add sapphire jewelry to your collection. Sapphires can offer a sophisticated sparkle to any ensemble, whether you’re getting ready for a romantic date night with your significant other or to emphasize your personal style. The delicate 18K white gold band of the half eternity Royal ring is adorned with a river of 5 sapphires and 6 diamonds, creating the ideal subtle show of majestic grandeur to compliment the exquisite pendant with a wreath of 9 sapphires, 9 central diamonds, and 9 melee diamonds.

Mixing different kinds of colours can be very tricky. However, it is undoubtedly the most enjoyable aspect of layering jewellery because it allows you to express your creativity. Our ring stacking collection can be seen as a high-class pick and mix, allowing you to combine your favourite pieces to create a stunning look. The colourful gemstones create an eye-catching stack that highlights your style and matches your occasion-appropriate attire by adding splashes of colour.



The beautiful and delicate twisted band style is formed by two intertwining bands. The symbolism of the design represents how two different people come together as one for eternity. This representation is perfect for couples who are starting their lives together and are promising to love one another for a never-ending amount of time. Our Royal collection embellishes the 18K white gold twisted bands with a row of diamonds and coloured gemstones of either sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. This will surely capture the attention of any viewer, urging the eye to trace the intricate designs.

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