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Product Care & Maintenance

Product Care & Maintenance

To avoid unnecessary wear, knocks and bumps to your jewellery, we would like to provide a few guidelines for the use, storage and maintenance of jewellery from Le Lumiere’s.

Your jewellery represents fine craftmanship – treat it with care

The piece can of course be worn daily, but we recommend that you remove it when you:

– play sports
– sleep
– bathe/shower
– do housework or gardening
– perform other activities in daily life that can cause accidental damage to the jewellery.

Give your jewellery regular maintenance

We recommend that you visit us 1-2 times a year and have your jewellery cleaned and inspected as an element of basic maintenance. This is free of charge and naturally done while you wait.

Storing jewellery

Jewellery pieces should be stored separately so they do not scratch each other. They should be stored so that any links are kept flat.

When you sleep with your jewellery on, bracelets and necklaces can be subject to unnecessary wear and tear. Remove your jewellery and extend its life.

Special features of diamond jewellery

Diamonds have a natural affinity for grease, meaning that oils and grease easily adhere to them. For this reason, diamond jewellery must be cleaned frequently so the diamond does not lose its lustre.

If the piece is comprised only of gold and diamonds, you can clean it with a soft toothbrush and a little liquid detergent. To prevent lime deposits, the jewellery can be rinsed in demineralised water or isopropyl alcohol. For quick drying, you can finish the process with a hair dryer.

If the jewellery has moving parts such as ear clips, clasps, brooch pins and the like, we recommend that it be brought in for professional cleaning and lubrication.

Special features of rings

Rings worn everyday are subject to natural wear and tear. The gold can become worn and the prongs that hold the diamond may become weak and brittle. This may mean that the setting must be reinforced every 5 to 10 years. Have a chat with us about the condition of your jewellery when you bring it in for its annual cleaning.

Applause can be very damaging to rings, so it is important to avoid hitting rings against each other when clapping.

Polishing jewellery

Like everything, jewellery wears with use. If a piece of jewellery has many marks and scratches, it can be polished. This is automatically done if the piece requires a repair or adjustment.

With rhodium plating and polishing, a small amount of the jewellery’s material is removed, so it should always be done with care.

Request a Repair

We are delighted to offer cleaning, repair and other services for most Le Lumiere products. Our after sales services include professional jewellery resizing and cleaning.

To submit a repair request by mail, click through below to book an appointment.