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We’re sure you’re familiar with the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” You know the one: “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”


We’re sure you’re familiar with the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” You know the one: “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” It narrates the story of a person who, throughout the 12 days that follow Christmas, they are showered with gifts from the person they truly love.

And so, this is our take on it but only 10 Days of Christmas with Le Lumiere. The greatest Christmas gift guide, whether for yourself (because why not?) or your nearest and dearest, the people you care the most about in the world. Le Lumiere has everything you need, from classic contemporary pieces to exceptional, one-of-a-kind jewels.

On the first day of Christmas: A stunner eternity ring in rose gold

An eternity ring is given as a symbol of a commitment to another person that will last a lifetime. In addition to its symbolic meaning in romance, this ring represents the cyclical nature of your own life. A new start, an adventure in learning to love oneself, and a vow to do so forever. It is your perfect Christmas twinkle that will shine all season brightly.

On the second day of Christmas: Princess Ring in White Gold

This ring epitomises the elegance and grace of the season. Giving a ring symbolises eternal life and the promise of a long and healthy future. As a symbol of the boundless potential that awaits us, it may hold special significance for the right person.

On the third day of Christmas: La Charmante Necklace

Open hearts can express love in the romantic sense. And the love that lasts forever and eternity between any two people, be it a mother and her child, a closest friend, or a sibling. It can be used to symbolise inner love or to convey any other strong feeling. A simple yet meaningful Christmas present, this necklace is a great way to express how much someone means to you.

On the fourth day of Christmas: Half Eternity ROYAL ring with Rubies in Rose Gold.

Many cultures view rubies as talismans of protection and good fortune. The flaming hue goes well with the gregarious and passionate personalities of those born in July. You can’t go wrong with this item as a holiday present for your loved one or any July babies. It’s a great way to show affection and highlight your shared interests with that particular person.



On the fifth day of Christmas: Gleam Bracelet in Rose Gold

This gorgeous bracelet is the ultimate gift for that fashionista in your life. It is minimalist in style yet still manages to exude an air of sophistication, making it suitable for use on a daily basis. It’s an elegant option for sprucing up your ensemble. It is made of white gold and encrusted with diamonds making it like a beacon of light in the dark.



On the sixth day of Christmas: Bloom Earrings in White Gold

A lovely set of earrings, an item that can hold a lot of sentimental value and significance. The holidays, such as Christmas, can serve as symbols for important moments in people’s life. Not only are they timeless, but they are also memorable. Designed in a flower shape and crafted from white gold, this diamond pendant can be donned with a variety of outfits.

On the seventh day of Christmas: A Wish Pendant in White Gold

This flower-shaped pendant is a subtle way to let your loved one know that your love for them will never fade or wilt. This necklace will make her feel as though she is always surrounded by the beauty of the world like she is carrying a bouquet of flowers around her neck.



On the eighth day of Christmas: Half Eternity ROYAL Ring with Emerald in Rose Gold

This is the perfect ring for the person in your life who appreciates romance and versatility. An emerald, a gemstone associated with love, optimism, and new beginnings, is set in a half- eternity ring crafted from rose gold. The beauty of this piece can’t be overstated. Emerald is a May birthstone, making it an ideal Christmas gift for those born in May.


On the ninth day of Christmas: A Wish Ring in White Gold

A beautiful, unique, flower-shaped diamond ring will surely set the wearer apart from the crowd. The perfect Christmas gift for the classy lady in your life, this is the essence of elegance and chic. With its petal open and ready for your loved one, this ring is the ideal representation of your affection and the wonder of life.

On the tenth day of Christmas: ROYAL Pendant with Sapphires in Rose Gold

With its shimmering sapphire accents, this pendant radiates a sense of refined luxury. Sapphires are stunning on their own, but their potential for brightness and shine is what really sets them apart. However, their uniqueness is enhanced by the fact that they are mounted in a beautiful rose gold pendant. This is why giving it to your loved ones as a Christmas present makes it even more special.


We at Le Lumiere want to make sure that you are able to share the happiness that Christmas brings with the people you hold dearest. To that end, you may count on us to help you find the perfect gift for your beloved.

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