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Story of Le Lumiere

Story of Le Lumiere Diamond

Le Lumiere was established in the bustling city of Hong Kong in 2003. Renowned for its one-of-a-kind designs, Le Lumiere – Diamonds of Light places emphasis on a diamond’s Ideal Proportions, Perfect Hearts and Arrows symmetry with GIA 3 Excellent grading* to deliver the optimum display of scintillating brilliance that all generations would love and revere. 

Combining these elements, the diamond reaches its full potential in emanating the ultimate degree of radiance. Every diamond is meticulously cut with precise angles, symmetry and proportions to ensure its facets reflect light, exhibiting an extraordinary sparkle and brilliance. 

Le Lumiere- Diamonds of Light is committed to deliver the highest standards of excellence by ensuring that each diamond is carefully selected and undergoes a stringent 60 points quality control inspection that differentiates our peerless diamonds amongst the rest. 

Craftsmen of Light & Creativity

At Le Lumiere, craftsmanship is not just diligence and knowledge, experience and know-how. It is creativity and art as well as detail and patience. Le Lumiere diamonds are always cut to maximise brilliance, not carat weight. Only top craftsmen and experienced master cutters possess the rare ability to position the facets and at the same time ensure superior polish, symmetry and cut. Its full potential is reflected in brilliance with nothing left to chance and nothing left untouched.

Our ethical quest for absolute transparency

In our commitment to humanity, the origin of a diamond is as important as its beauty.
By carefully tracking the origins of our diamonds, we hold true to our values and transparency.