JULLY 2022

Lumiere’s High-Jewelry, Luxe Collection

With our Luxe range, Le Lumiere pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. Every piece of high jewelry in our Luxe collection is designed to evoke feelings of admiration and passion in the wearer. The jewelry is not only unique and timeless, but also more exquisite, dazzling, and scintillating than anything else. Le Lumiere’s High Jewelry is a statement of precise craftsmanship, relentless refinement, and uncompromising pursuit of perfection among the most elegant of options. Discover a wide selection of exclusive diamond jewelry from our Luxe collection.

Style yourself by accessorising your outfits with a glamorous necklace to celebrate special occasions and moments with your loved ones. This necklace is an iconic piece from our high-jewelry, Luxe collection. The diamond for its centerpiece totaling up to 0.50 carat is cut to the perfect 8 hearts and 8 arrows. The centerpiece is also encircled with pebbles of diamonds to showcase its scintillating brilliance. Wearing this exquisite necklace would not only accentuate her neckline but also showcase her shining beauty for any occasion.

Create the perfect symbol of a lifelong partnership with a gorgeous halo engagement ring from Le Lumiere. This diamond ring has a captivating style marked by a center diamond from our signature cut of 8 hearts and 8 arrows diamond surrounded by one layer of diamonds and a band punctuated with petite diamond side stones. The combination of the multitude of diamonds creates an eye-popping engagement ring that will cherish for a lifetime. Design to be timeless and elegant like your love for her will always be. It is available in a trio of 18K gold of white, rose, and yellow so you can find the perfect colour engagement ring to match her personality and beauty.

Maintain your classic elegance with dazzling accessories of your style, like a diamond pendant from our Luxe line. This diamond pendant features 9 pieces of diamonds from our signature 8 hearts and 8 arrows diamond that totals up to 0.72 carats. The diamonds are set in a shape of a diamond on the 18k gold pendant to showcase the scintillating brilliance of the diamonds like their shine in the night sky. Adorning your loved ones with this diamond pendant will highlight the radiant beauty of your love to her that shines brightly like a diamond. It is available in either 18K white gold or rose gold to choose from so to match your outfits for the occasion.

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