MAR 2022

Empowering Women

Being a woman signifies something unique to everyone, and to each her own. It is about learning how to be strong despite of your weaknesses. To be loving and nurturing towards others whilst not forgetting to care for yourself. To be determined enough to achieve your goals, while also supporting your loved ones to achieve theirs. International Women’s Day is dedicated to recognize and honour all women for their achievements and roles in society today. At Le Lumiere, we offer an extensive and wide selection of jewellery to showcase women empowerment for this joyous occasion.
Feminine power is based on pure desire. Desire without fear or limitation. Once we have pure desire, we attract and magnetize to ourselves anything we want.Le Lumiere’s Fiore collection features feminine designs inspired by the liveliness of a full bloomed flower. It is beautiful, feminine, and unique, just like a woman. It’s the perfect gift to mark a woman’s precious milestones.
Women with courage dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. This exquisite pair of earrings showcase not only an elegance look but also courage of a woman’s charm. It features a brilliant Le Lumiere Hearts & Arrows centrepiece and 108 melee diamonds.
Pearls have the versatility to empower women to create their own style statements.Le Lumiere’s Du Soleil collection mimics the subtle glimmer of nature’s dew drops to showcase the inner glow of a woman’s confidence. The Pendant feature a white South Sea Pearl with 10 melee diamonds, set in 18K White Gold.

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