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Art of Diamond Cutting

Diamonds are like people – no two are alike.

The diamond cutter must ‘listen to’ and ‘understand’ each rough stone. Otherwise, the craftsperson cannot crack the code and open the stone’s beauty.

Although the laws of nature determines the characteristics of a diamond rough, but it’s through the hands of the expert cutters that brings out its true beauty and value. The cut of a diamond refers to the angle, shape and proportion of a diamond. A diamond’s cut grade is crucial as a well-cut diamond helps the diamond facets interact with its internal light, dispersing in through the top of the stone more intensely, releasing the maximum amount of fire and scintillation.A poorly cut diamond that is either too deep or too shallow will leak light through the bottom part of the stone, affecting its brilliance.

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Diamond cutting with perfect proportions

The cut, clarity, and the angle of the facets relative to one another are key factors for the quality of a diamond.

The light enters the diamond through the crown, is reflected from facet to facet in the pavilion and then back up through the crown, where it is broken down into a rainbow of spectral colours.

Diamond cut quality

The quality of the diamond’s cut is determined by how well the symmetry, polish, and proportions of the diamond produce the most attractive light refraction.

The GIA uses the following descriptions on their certificates to grade diamond cut: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

The highest quality of a diamond’s cut is “3 x Excellent”.