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Color in 4cs

Diamond Colors

The shade and intensity of a diamond’s color is directly related to its value. A perfect diamond is completely colorless without a hint of color.

The rarest diamonds are completely white – actually colorless, to be precise. But they make up less than one percent of all diamonds in the world. The rest are colored to varying degrees.

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Diamond Color Scale

Diamonds that are chemically pure and of perfect structure are known to be perfectly transparent with no hue or color. However, the laws nature bestowed these gems with their own innate individuality through a wide variety of colors, just like people making no diamond identical to the other. A diamond’s color is assessed using an international grading scale system from D (colorless) to Z (Light Yellow). This system was established by the Gemological Institute of America(GIA) in 1940.

GIA’s color scheme

The scale was prepared by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and works internationally.

Diamonds with less color are more rare and valuable.

Diamond colors Fancy Colors

Fancy colored diamonds are rare and sought after. The captivating colors are not only breathtakingly beautiful and intense, they are part of what makes fancy colored diamonds very valuable.

Fancy colored diamonds come in a multitude of different colors: yellow diamond, green diamond, brown diamond, champagne diamond, orange diamond, gray diamond, black diamond, blue diamond, pink and pink diamond.

Most valuable are the red, pink and blue diamonds.