Le Lumiere Certificates

Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light is committed to deliver the highest standards of excellence by ensuring that each diamond is carefully selected and undergoes a stringent 60 points quality control inspection that differentiates our peerless diamonds amongst the rest.

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Certified Authenticity

Each Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Lights™ are available in sizes from 0.10 carat to 5 carats. Each diamond is authenticated by laser inscription and accompanied by a certificate attesting to it cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Each Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Lights™ comes with a Le Lumiere certificate to verify that each diamond has passed our stringent quality control with an additional GIA certificate (for diamonds +0.30ct).

Girdle Laser Inscription

One of the special features of Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Lights™ is its distinctive laser inscribe girdle. Each Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Lights™ bears a unique serial number laser inscribed on the girdle of each diamond. The inscription is also documented on the Le Lumiere certificate for relevant identification purposes.