APR 2022

April’s Birthstone: Diamond

For those fortunate to be born in April, their birthstone is the most prized gemstone of all which is diamond. Diamond is one of the world’s most sought-after and adored gemstones. It is formed inside the Earth’s mantle and scores a perfect 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. In honour of this Diamond Month of April, let us explore the most precious of gems Le Lumiere has to offer.
The diamond has endured for centuries as being the gemstone to commemorate commitment, faithfulness, timelessness and never-ending love. At Le Lumiere, our designs emphasize 3 key elements for its diamonds such as fire, life and brilliance.
Fire which is the rainbow of light, when it’s properly cut in the hands of a craftsmen. Le Lumiere- Diamonds of Light ensures each of their natural-mined diamond has its Ideal Proportions which goes beyond the 4C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Le Lumiere Je T’aime diamond ring features sweetheart motifs made exquisitely for lovers. It is simply stunning from all angles.
Life which is the sparkle, the liveliness, and the scintillation of the gemstone. Le Lumiere 5-row-ring showcasing an array of exceptional white diamonds evoking the symmetry of flowers. This exquisite ring features a feminine design inspired by the liveliness of full bloomed flowers. It is beautiful, feminine, and unique.
Brilliancy which comes from the nature of the diamond’s makeup of carbon. This exquisite pair of earrings crafted in white gold is indisputably the timeless quintessence of everything beguiling, elegant and extraordinary. It features a brilliant Le Lumiere Hearts & Arrows centrepiece and 78 melee diamonds.

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