5 Tips in Choosing Her Dream Engagement Ring

You are ready to take your relationship to the next level. No matter how well you’ve planned your proposal, it’s important to know what kind of ring she really wants before you ask her in front of other people.

Even though it will be exciting for everyone, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. But not to worry, the good news is that we’ve got your back. There are a few aspects you need to bear in mind.

The shape of the diamond, the type of metal and ring setting that ideally suits and that she loves are all factors to take into account. For starters, you now have a rough idea of what to look out for. Continue reading to find out how to choose her ideal engagement ring.

1. Take a peek at her social platforms

Get to work on your investigation using her social media. She might have given hints about the kind of engagement ring she’d like. She will probably save any rings she adores while scrolling through Instagram. Look through her saved features. She must have a specific collection in mind for her dream ring.

Here’s what you need to take away from that: Are all of the rings made from the same type of metal or diamond? If that’s the case, does she like pavé-set rings?

2. Get Her Closest Family and Friends Onboard

Most likely, you’ve already told your partner’s family and friends that you want to tie the knot. You should ask for help from the women who know your future wife best. There’s a chance that your girlfriend has already told them about the rings she’s hoping for. Maybe her best friend, sister, or mother will tell you exactly what she wants to see when you get down on one knee.

Even if they don’t know exactly what kind of ring she wants, just knowing that “she loves flower-shaped” will do.

3. Take hints from her sense of fashion.

You’re the only one who truly understands your partner. Think about what she likes in terms of design, fashion, and aesthetic. Is she always looking for the latest fashions? A fancy engagement ring would be perfect for her. Do you think all of her clothes are vintage finds? Maybe what she’s been hoping for is an antique-style engagement ring. Is her style simple and pared down? It’s likely that she will want an engagement ring with a simple, basic style, like a minimalist style.

4. Notice the jewelries she wears and the ones she owns

You can tell a lot about her style by looking at the jewellery she already has. Does she like simple designs with few details, or does she like glitz and glamour? How often does she use coloured gemstones, diamonds, and pearls in her designs? Is there anything on her that is gold or rose gold? Does she like to wear silver jewellery? She’s likely to prefer an engagement ring that matches her other jewellery.

5. Consider “Just Browsing” as an alternative

There’s nothing wrong with asking her what she wants in an engagement ring if you’re completely stumped. One way to do this more casually is to simply question her about each component in turn, ticking off things like metal, diamond cut, and so on, one by one. It’s possible to surprise her with the setting of the ring even if you don’t want to reveal the diamond or gemstone form or metal preference you’ve chosen.

All in all, Le Lumiere is here to assist you in finding the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart, and we will always do our utmost to make sure you are able to bring that gleam of happiness to her eyes when she sees her dream engagement ring.

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