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The Collision of Festive and Light

During the Chinese new year, people often wear red to show happiness and good luck. It’s a great time for diamonds to shine! Many are looking forward to wearing their new clothes and accessorizing with fun jewelry like diamond rings, earrings, etc., and perhaps you should too! Whether you are already preparing your wardrobe this festive season or not, this blog shares with you some ideas to match Le Lumiere diamond jewelry and Chinese New Year outfits.


Diamond Necklace with Cheongsam

If saying dressing up with Cheongsam is the epitome of Chinese fashion, styling a diamond necklace with the Cheongsam then is a must to complete the elegant and sophisticated flair. With diamonds in colourless or white colour, the diamond necklace can play around with any colour of your Cheongsam and elevate the beauty! Yet, the only tip to remind here is to select and style with a shorter or choker-length necklace to avoid the necklace ran-off the outfit and losing the overall aesthetic.


Diamond and Gemstone Ring with Festive Colour Outfit

The colourless diamond may be not apt enough for Chinese New Year to some, but the diamond and coloured gemstone rings can be your choice to match the colour of this festive season. The ruby in red combining diamond will definitely shed a light from deep of your fingertip and bring luck while matching your outfit perfectly. Not only red matching red, the sapphire in blue or emerald in green will also be your optimal choice to play colour contrast with your outfit.

Diamond Earrings with Dress

Earrings are always the core accessory to elevate your flair, New Year is no exception. Like blooming flowers floating in the sky, the diamond earrings will get all eyes on you. Especially earrings bring out the ethereal feeling and elevate the elegance of wearing a dress. Not to mention flower shaped earrings also bring the meaning of growth and prosperity, an auspicious blessing to you or her this festive season.

Besides the tips shared above, at Le Lumiere, we believe the colourless, diamonds of light can assimilate into many of your Chinese New Year outfits to bring luster and beauty as well as joy and luck this festive season and throughout the year. To that end, you can count on us, our professionals to tailor you the trendiest outfit with Le Lumiere diamonds.

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