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MAY 2022 The Everlasting Bond: Mother’s Day 2022

Mothers are a blessing for us. They are the most precious person in our life. The unconditional love and sacrifices that they show to us can never be forgotten. This year Mother’s Day, express your everlasting love and gratitude towards them with a timeless gift from Le Lumiere’s extension selection of diamond jewellery and accessories for you to choose from.


Mothers are the most important people in everybody’s life. Their endless sacrifices and qualities of forgiveness are unmatchable. Tell her how grateful you are by gifting her an exquisite ring from Le Lumiere’s Royal collection. This is the only collection of Le Lumiere which incorporates sapphire gemstones into its jewellery. It features a powerful deep blue hue, symbolises love, loyalty and passion. An exquisite gift that shows her how much you appreciate her for everything done.
Mothers are the most precious gifts anyone can get. We need to cherish every moment we have with our mother because she is the one who raised us to be who we are now. Express your love to her with Le Lumiere’s Moments bangle. It features a main stone of 0.15 carats from Le Lumiere’s signature heart and diamonds while surrounded with 61 pieces of diamonds. This charming bangle is perfect to show just how much you adore every moment with her.
Mothers mean different things to different people. To most of us, there is no one as strong as a mother and no one as kind as a mother. She is a strange mix of so many qualities that make her so special and so unique. This charming pendant from Le Lumiere’s Fiore collection is able to showcase her womanly charm of feminine beauty and uniqueness. The perfect gift to express that she is always beautiful no matter how much time passes.

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